Thursday, November 11, 2010

Georgia-Auburn Prediction: A.J. Green Will Feast on Verbiage Come Saturday

Green will do plenty of this on Saturday, but...
A.J. Green didn't eat crow after last week's game against Idaho State, but he put prepped it and put it in the freezer for later consumption.

Honestly, you can't blame A.J. Green for feeling like he can beat anybody, anytime. He can. The problem is that A.J. Green can't play defense against Cam Newton and the Auburn offense. Actually, nobody can (except maybe the rumor mill at Mississippi State).

Unless Newton and Auburn are completely befuddled by this week's steady stream of unsubstantiated rumors, Georgia is in big trouble.

The Georgia defense gives up big plays against standard offenses. How confused do you think they're going to be against the elite option scoring machine that Auburn fires up ever Saturday? Unless Todd Grantham becomes the first man to figure out how to hide 13 players on the field without getting caught, it's going to be a complete laugher. When's the last time an SEC team scored 100 against another SEC team?

Okay, 100 points is ridiculous (I think), but based on the past two seasons, what has been Georgia's biggest nemesis? Dual-threat quarterbacks. Actually, not even dual-threat quarterbacks. The quarterbacks don't even have to be able to pass that well. Just watch tape of the Florida game from two weeks ago. Any time anyone other John Brantley lined up at quarterback the Georgia defenders looked like Ponce de Leon's expedition crew. (Clearing a path through the Florida swamp. Stay with me.)

Hell, they made Chris Relf look like Tim Tebow. They made Tim Tebow look like the love child of Herschel Walker and Graham Harrell.

So don't get too excited, Georgia fans. A.J. Green is confident because he's A.J. Green. And he'll definitely put up his numbers against Auburn. But it'll be little more than a footnote in the context of the final outcome of the game, which will be a celebration of an SEC West title for the Tigers.

Auburn 45, Georgia 31

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