Saturday, September 25, 2010

Jim Harbaugh is Looking Mighty Nice for Georgia

Sanford Stadium on Saturdays next year if Richt is still the head coach.
When I was growing up in south Georgia the local river flooded so bad that they called it a 500 year flood,  meaning that it was so excessively floody (not a word, but roll with it) that it wouldn't happen like that for another 500 years.

I'm getting the feeling that that's how bad this season is going to be for Georgia. (Which means you can print this post and wipe your butt with it.) But I'll come back to that.

Mark Richt just lost his job. Losing to Mississippi State, and only scoring a garbage time touchdown doing it, automatically renders you not qualified to coach at Georgia. It's in the contract. The fact that you even got into the wrong end of "garbage time" against the other Bulldogs is enough to make Athens want to shut down as a municipality.

So it may not happen until the end of the season, but if Richt is back next year Georgia might as well go join the Big East.

Which means it's time to start talking about a replacement.

For my money (a nickel's worth of free advice) I think Jim Harbaugh should at least be in Georgia's top three, whenever it starts its search (read: Monday).

Harbaugh has turned a moribund Stanford program into something to be reckoned with in the Pac-10, but that's obvious. Perhaps not so obvious is the fact that Harbaugh's recruiting tentacles already reach the talent rich south. I've covered high school football in metro Atlanta for the past four years and frequently you'll hear of quality local recruits having Stanford on their list. Harbaugh's even managed to talk a few of them into becoming Cardinal.

Henry County receiver Jamal-Rashad Patterson, Woodward Academy defensive lineman Henry Anderson, Walton High School linebacker Chase Thomas and Centennial High School offensive lineman David Yankey have all packed their southern drawls and headed west for Harbaugh in the past two seasons.

He seems to know what he's doing, he can get players and he's an up and comer, which means he's got two qualities that Mark Richt does not.

As for the rest of Georgia's season, is there a game on the schedule – other than Idaho State and maybe (MAYBE) Vanderbilt – that looks like a sure Georgia win? Five wins looks like pie in the sky right now.

No wonder A.J. Green sold his jersey. He might as well sign with an agent today because his team's season is over.

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  1. He also runs a version of offense that will fit in nicely in the SEC(IMO Gerhart should have won the Heisman over Ingram last year). Id say that Harbaugh should be at the top of the list.